Thinking Positive Is Where You Start


There’s nothing positive about a negative thought… unless you recognize it, rethink and act positive.

Negative thinking offers us a fast-lane life to nowhere. So Life Sucks. Get Over It! by Ron Hurak explains what happens when negative thinking hijacks our lives. We’ve all traveled nowhere from time to time, ended up at a dead end, had to turn around, go back and start over.

What we all want to know is ‘how to’ avoid going down that dead end road. Thinking positive is where where we must all start – to improve our lives. There’s no other way to get from here to a better time, without getting positive about what you’re doing with your life, everyday.

While there will be times in life that are harder than other times, positive thinking and good intentions will carry you further than negative thinking will ever take you. Think about it… What’s positive about negative thinking? Really nothing, unless we learn to be more positive.

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! is the book that explains ‘how to’ Unsuck Your Life. Read it and learn how you can be happier living your life, become better equipped to handle your life, and be more positive for the times in the future when sometimes it sucks for real. You’ve got this! You’ll see…


Unsuck Your Life. Take Charge. Take Action.

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! by Ron Hurak
Printed, eBook, and Audio versions

A straightforward guide to creating happiness in your life!

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