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Ron Hurak, the author of So Life Sucks. Get Over It! is a proud Canadian.

His story turned out so much better than it started out, moving from a time when he was a teen in charge of his own life, and completely alone in the world…

Makes you wonder where Ron Hurak ended up?


Ron Hurak lives in South Western, Ontario Canada with his wife Kay. They are the co-founders of a successful software development company they started in 1977 and are semi retired today. 

Ron was born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, and his early start in life was not a good one. His father abandoned his mother along with their four children when Ron was still in diapers. Living in the poorest areas of the inner city meant Ron’s early life was filled with hunger, fear, abuse, bullying, and insecurity.

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By the time Ron was in his early teens, he tried to escape the unhappy life by leaving home. He was fourteen at the time. But his plans didn’t work out well and before his fifteenth birthday, Ron was living on his own.

Survival meant many more challenges for Ron. As a young man the world was a very scary place, filled with people who would take advantage of someone ill-equipped to deal with the bleak world he was now thrust into and living in alone.


However an amazing transformation was taking place within Ron’s mind. Despite the horrible life he was living Ron decided that he was going to find a way out. He had no idea as to how he was going to accomplish this task, he just knew he was going to do it.

All of the evidence clearly suggested that Ron’s future vision of a life filled with happiness was highly improbable. It didn’t happen overnight, but in time Ron’s life started to improve because of his determination to live a life filled with love, peace, joy and happiness, no matter where he was born.


oday, some fifty years later, Ron is a very happy guy. He has been married to his wife Kay for over forty years and their relationship is as loving today, as it was when they first met.

Ron has achieved his early vision of a life filled with love, peace, joy and happiness. Along with his wife, Ron has many accomplishments including a successful technology business, a wonderful family, great friends, and many extraordinary things he calls his own.

Ron Hurak is an accomplished guitarist, as well as the author of this book.

n addition to his professional achievements Ron also plays jazz guitar. 
His CD entitled Be Cool is available on iTunes,, and many other online stores.

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Ron is also an avid, amateur golfer and has an instructional golf video, The Simple 4 Step Swing. It has been viewed by golfers from all over the world hoping to improve their game.

Ron has been a public speaker for many years, as well. His presentation topics range from topics on human behavior to technology and business.


Now as an author, Ron is sharing his life journey with anyone interested in unsucking their life. His book, So Life Sucks. Get Over It! is loaded with no B.S. ideas and strategies that he learned and now uses in his life.

By applying these straightforward concepts Ron was able to take himself out a life of unhappiness and despair, to a life today that he couldn’t even imagine as a kid. He believes that we never stop learning or growing.

He is convinced that many people know they want to unsuck their life, but they don’t believe they can and their lives get stuck in an unhappy place. Ron wants to reach people who think they can’t unsuck their lives, because he knows most of them really can!

This book guides every reader through a simple ‘plan of action.’ Ron knows this plan can bring the happiness everyone desires. How does he know? Because he’s been there and done that. If Ron can do it, so can you!

Ron Hurak loves to golf, get outdoors, and be with friends.


What is Ron Hurak doing now?

Today, Ron is certain that a focus on self-understanding is what allows him to live, each and every day, at peace with himself and happy with his life. The only reason for writing this book about happiness and sharing it with everyone, is to help you Unsuck Your Life, too.



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