Introducing: So Life Sucks. Get Over It!

1000659_538874942895807_1789423924_nRon Hurak has been touched by the response to his book, that some think can help almost anyone alive. 

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! is the book for people who want to learn more about being happy, along with those who want a good reminder of the things they may have already learned.

It seems that Ron hit a funny bone. Because, no matter how happy our life is, we all feel that our “life sucks” every now and then. There are only a few truly, absolute things in life, like death and taxes… and for some, God’s Love. But, there is one absolute thing we seldom consider… but we all seem to know something first-hand about:

Life just sucks… sometimes. Life sucks at times for everyone and there’s no getting around it.

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! is the book that explains ‘how to’ Unsuck Your Life. Read it and learn how you can be happier living your life, become better equipped to handle your life, and be more positive for the times in the future when sometimes it sucks for real. You’ve got this! You’ll see…



Unsuck Your Life. Take Charge. Take Action.

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! by Ron Hurak
Printed, eBook, and Audio versions

A straightforward guide to creating happiness in your life!

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