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Ron Hurak wants you to learn how to live a happier life.



So Life Sucks. Get Over It! is my little book on how you can create happiness for yourself! I created a free Unsuck Your Life Workbook especially for everyone that visits our site to learn more and becomes a member of the So Life Sucks. Get Over It!  Community.



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Unsuck Your Life And Be More:


Look forward to living and enjoying the future,


Understand real happiness and feel happier everyday,


Improve your relationships with everyone in your life,


Live a healthier life and feel better than ever before,



Do what you’re made for and celebrate your best!


Now is the time for... taking a Great direction in the future.

Take Charge. Take Action.

Be More Positive, Happy, Loved, Energized and Successful


1 Positive – Too many people start their day with a negative perspective and a bad attitude, and then expect their day to improve. The Unsuck Your Life Workbook is filled with great insights about waking up each morning with positive energies and a grateful start.

2 Happy – Lots of people look for happiness in the wrong people, places or things… The Unsuck Your Life Workbook will show you how to insure your happiness and guide you in the right direction for living a happier life.

3 Loved – Getting along with family, friends and coworkers, is vital to live a positve and happy life. The challenge is that people are not always alike, and where differences are found… conflict is usually nearby. The Unsuck Your Life Workbook offers proven strategies and techniques that will improve your relationships forever.

4 Energized – There’s more to a healthier lifestyle than exercising and eating the right foods. You also want a life that pays attention to all the areas of your life in a comfortable balanced routine. The Unsuck Your Life Workbook gives you specific guidelines that guarantee you’ll create a healthy balance in your life.

5 Successful – Countless people with a lot less than you, have already reached amazing heights becoming the person they recognized within themselves. And you can too! The Unsuck Your Life Workbook clearly illustrates exactly what it takes to achieve the goals you have for your life.


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Getting It Right…

So many people just want to be happy someday, when being happy isn’t about a new time and place, it’s about right now.

Why is that, do you think? 

True unhappiness is always based on the big and the little things that happen in our lives. While we often want to blame other people and other things for making us unhappy, those things are rarely the only reason we’re unhappy.

Sometimes we do it to ourselves for all kinds of ridiculous reasons. Sometimes we won’t let up on ourselves, we get stuck and stay in a place that’s not happy at all.
Ron Hurak is the author of So Life Sucks. Get Over It!.

Money, fame, and all the other ‘stuff’ we all seem to want because we think it will bring us happiness, rarely does… That’s exactly why almost everyone will be happier for reading this book.

My advice is offered to help you view the reality of your life and show you how to thoughtfully, get it right, once and for all. Read the book for yourself and then please, bring your comments back here and share them with me.


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 So Life Sucks. Get Over It! by Ron Hurak
Printed, eBook, and Audio versions

A straightforward guide to creating happiness in your life!

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