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Response to So Life Sucks. Get Over It! has been Great!

Many positive things have been said about Ron Hurak’s newest book, So Life Sucks. Get Over It! and these are some of the best.

Praise for the book tells a lot of the story…


Ron Hurak is the author of So Life Sucks. Get Over It!

A twenty first century Horatio Alger story!
– Doug Chalmers


Ron Hurak reminds us of the indomitable power of the human spirit through these beautiful and poignant personal vignettes. Time and time again, he reminded me what’s most important in my own life by sharing his.
– CRB CR John Schumacher


If you could use more happiness, love, and success in your life as well as less stress, worry and pain, then this book has something for you. It’s written in common sense language that is easy to read and worth re-reading again and again. It’s a ‘how to’ manual for life with examples and exercises that drive home the message.

That the author is a huge financial success after living by the principles in the book is not a surprise, but it’s a truly amazing that so much wisdom could come from anyone with such a horribly disadvantaged start. Ron’s life is an uplifting, inspirational story that provides not only hope and inspiration, but the tools and skills to succeed in life’s ultimate goal, to be happy. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone that wants more success, love and happiness in their life.
– Kevin Dunivin 

Take Charge. Take Action. Unsuck Your Life.

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! by Ron Hurak

I have always reserved my recommended reading to those books that spoke to me at a level that simply compelled me to tell others. SUCH IS THIS BOOK!

It is written by my friend, Ron Hurak, whom I have known for over 25 years.

What amazes me is that never once did Ron mention his tragic life story in any detail. I was aware of his shattered childhood to a very limited degree. However, once I started to read his book I could not put it down. It wasn’t long until I anguished in his pain.

It is literally of rags to riches. But how did he do it? How could the human spirit overcome such personal abuse as a child and reach manhood with such a loving, compassionate and deeply encouraging nature? How was it possible for Ron, at 14 years old, to pick himself up from family abandonment, from total despair and from dire loneliness and reach such a phenomenal pinnacle of success in business.

Ron will tell you how he did it and you can as well. It is written in an engaging style that reaches deep inside the reader. This book will help you in every area of your life. Get this book, read it and it will change your life.
– Cliff Baird, MBA, PhD

he information I found in Ron’s book is very powerful and inspirational. The way Ron lays out his message is a simple step-by-step guidance for happiness, but his strategies, tools and exercises are very powerful. Wow! Ron’s book helped me realize the source of some of my unhappiness and how important and powerful it is to forgive oneself for all of those wrong choices and decisions we make. The importance of not blaming someone else, also stood out for me. Ron’s book can touch the heart and soul of anyone, no matter who they are or where they are in their life. It is full of hidden treasures that can help anyone with their struggles in life. - Ivana Trnik


Take Charge. Take Action. Unsuck Your Life Now.

Ron has created a wonderful and easy to read self-help book on life that will help you put everything into perspective. His writing about his true life experiences can help guide you along a path that will help give you a reality check on your thoughts and actions, and allow you to make adjustments so you too can have a rewarding and fulfilling life. This is one of those books that you will read over and over again. Great book…
 David J. Cocks


So LIfe Sucks. Get Over It! is a fun read about what’s really important in life; a great gift idea for newer employees – Mike Grady


Ron Hurak’s practical approach to self-help is a breakthrough. He provides a set of exercises that helped me transform his concepts into my daily life. Why not ‘Be Happy’? It’s simple!
– Jim Hobbs

Unsuck Your Life. Take Charge. Take Action.

So Life Sucks. Get Over It! by Ron Hurak


The title of this book instantly conveys the message of “get out of the way” so real life can happen for you. Ron’s walk through life and all his shared experiences is a bible of looking inside oneself and stepping away from the negative people who surround us daily, and committing oneself to reach out and attain whatever one would ever want to achieve in life. For me the message is clear, life is very short; embrace all of its blessings and be the person you want to be each and every day.
 Larry Kinlin


Over the years we have read or heard many words of wisdom, witticisms, and comments related to life and how one should approach its many challenges. Ron has captured and consolidated many of these “bits of advice” in an easily read format. Well done.
– Roy Baccari


What a wonderful read! I am re-reading the book already. I so enjoyed discovering this book and I have not stopped recommending it yet. There was a time I was the only positive thinker I knew. I’m certain that being optimistic makes all the difference in the world. I have read many books and learned much over the years… and I know it’s not easy to summarize it all. Ron does a great job of telling his story and putting the best of what he’s learned over the years into this simple and easy to read book. I am sure it will inspire and motivate many readers to come. Ron, thanks so much.
– Michele Anderson


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